The Purrrfect PR

 By Ashlee Bischoff, Social Media Director
 No, I’m not crazy. No, I don’t sit at home and knit outfits for my cats. No, I don’t have disgusting hygiene. And no, I don’t plan on being a spinster.

Why is there such a negative connotation associated with owning a cat? I love my cats! Besides teaching me core lessons in responsibility, I think they have several qualities I can learn from. In fact, I would even go as far as to say they help me learn how to be a better PR professional.

1. Who said a little independence was a bad thing?
So what if my cats like to go off and do their own thing sometimes. It’s not a bad thing to embrace independence. Not every client is the same and neither is every agency. As a PR practitioner, it’s important to embrace your unique ideas and strategies. Keep thinking in the back of your mind, “What makes me different? How do I stand out?” Whether you’re applying for a job in the field of PR or pitching an idea, your individuality is what makes you a winning candidate.
2. Value companionship.
However, it’s a fallacy to say that cats are completely independent. They are domesticated pets, for goodness’ sake. Just like in public relations, they know the value of companionship. Remember, your team is there to help you. Every job, whether it is an account executive or support, plays a very important role. Keep the lines of communication open and work together.

3. Curiosity does NOT kill cats.
Ignore the old superstition that curiosity is what killed the cat. Trust me: it’s not true. As journalists and professionals in PR, it is crucial to keep up to date. The media is your best friend; use it. Subscribe to blogs, read the news and watch television. You don’t want to be the last one to know information about your own client. 

4. Add some attitude to your work.
Cats can be sassy. However, you should never be sassy unless it’s with your work. Use that sass in your writing and pitches. What makes your press release worth reporting on? What makes your idea better than someone else’s? Add some flavor and originality to what you produce. It will make it stand out.

5. Cats are a woman’s best friend.  
Build a relationship with the media and make it a lasting one. Reporters are more likely to cover stories from contacts they know and trust. Media relations is one of the most critical components of PR. It’s never too early to build a strong media list and make those connections. 
6. Finally, don’t forget a catnap.
Remember to breathe and relax! Public relations can be overwhelming, so take a step back and clear your head.

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