The Rise of TikTok

Photo by Canva, logo by TikTok

By: Tiana Pena

With more and more individuals being forced to quarantine at home. Tiktok has started to rise it’s numbers of downloads and engagements in the past 3 months! As a PR specialist it’s important to keep up with these new apps that are being developed. It is also important to be conscious on how to use them. I decided to download the app and see for myself. Within 2 weeks I gained 3,000 followers. Here are some things I learned along the way!

“Keep up with these ever changing trends of Social Platforms. Check out these 6 tips that will help you better understand Tiktok.”

  1. Have a sense for what it’s all about

If it is your first time using the app, you will want to look around and see what kind of content Titkok has to offer. Tiktok has a unique arthrogram plan that personalizes itself to your own unique interests. Whether you prefer comedic videos, travel videos or cooking videos or something else, TikTok has it! These videos are placed on your  “For you page”.

2. Set up your brand

If you plan on uploading content, think about what kind of audience you want to draw in. Just like it plans out your arthrogram on what you like to watch. It also sends out your videos to the suited “For you” feeds of individuals who might be interested in your content. 

3. Be consistent 

Just as it is important to be consistent with your brand, it is also important that you post consistently. Unlike other social platforms, there is no such thing as posting “too much”. In fact, when doing so, you increase your chances of at least one of those videos going viral. 

4. Click-Bait

Just like other platforms, clickbait can be your best friend! That’s if you use it wisely off course. These click-baits can be anything from cutting up story times into 3 parts or documenting something that you keep adding more to it along the way. This enables your audience to click on your profile and even want to follow you to continue to hear about your story. This will help boost your video to be shown to more accounts since it’s getting so much engagement. 

5. Hop on the trends.. with a twist!

Every so often, either a trendy new dance or sound will go around. Creators often just flat out repeat the same idea but it’s those that personalize it and tie in with their own brand, that stand out.  A good example would be TRUTH, they followed the trend where people were pouring juice into a cup until it overflowed. The way in which they personalized was by placing a Juul inside the cup and then drowning it in juice. Advocating for the end of Juul and nicotine use!

6. Out of ideas? Share old content! 

Yes! You can always dig up old videos and content that was recorded before you even know TikTok was a thing. Remember that old video or funny snapchat you took at the office? Go ahead and upload it, it might be the one to go viral. Have fun with it!

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