Tips on social media analytics

How important it is to track social media analytics to develop, grow and extend your brands reach.

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By: Kelsi Taylor

Public relations revolves around social media. This is why it is vital to have a strategy so that you can build that picture perfect page. Create attractive posts, gain followers and receive the highest number of likes, shares, reposts, and retweets. The secret to increase any of those numbers starts with analytics.

“The happier the “Analytics gives you the opportunity to build a connection with your consumers and understand what strategies are the most effective.” – Katie Sehl

Each platform you use is going to be different in terms of what content should be posted to receive the most engagement. For example, image and voice is important when you consider your target audience across different platforms and what message you are wanting to get across. Another thing to consider is, when the best time to post content is because it varies by day, time and platform. These factors will reflect your brand’s social media presence and could benefit the brand through extended reach, which may result in increased numbers across the board. To see what days and times your page receives engagement, track analytics. Based off of that information, you can decide what type of posts received the most likes, comments or shares. This will give you an idea of what your audience engages with and what days you have the furthest reach. Once you see numbers increase around a certain campaign, you then see what was effective and what could be improved on. Analytics gives you the opportunity to build a connection with your consumers and understand what strategies are the most effective. There are also different levels of analytics you can track and this depends on if you are a business profile, a creator, your personal page or just for fun meaning you could be an influencer, athlete or celebrity. Hootsuite provides a list of trackable analytics by platform that will benefit your overall brand image, content, audience and potential consumers. 


  • Promotions
  • Followers and likes
  • Measure reach 
  • Page views 
  • Performance on posts  
  • Videos
  • People


  • Monthly summary (top tweets, top followers and top mention)
  • Tweets (likes and retweets)
  • Audience 


  • Posts (likes, comments and unique accounts that saved your posts) 
  • Actions (posts that inspired new likes, following and page clicks) 
  • Discovery (accounts that viewed your page but do not follow)
  • Demographics (age, gender and location)


  • Views 
  • Screenshots
  • Completion rate (engaging with audience from start to finish)
  • Fall-off rate (where audience lost interest) 


  • Visitor demographics 
  • Updates (reach and engagement)
  • Actions (followers and profile visits) 
  • Followers (organic v. paid) 

As you can see, there are many tools you can use to track analytics and they all differ based on platform and what services that platform has to offer. There are metrics that go into analytics and specific features that track unique data but for this blog, you will now be able to understand the importance of social media analytics and how it can be used to increase engagement and reach. These tools will provide you with very specific data that can be used to your advantage as long as you know what it means.

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