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By Sevie Michl, Account Executive

As a senior getting ready to graduate, the pressure of trying to look for a full-time job is a scary and intimidating thought.

At first when considering where I could find job openings I think of the usual websites such as monster.com, Craigslist or the companies themselves that I am interested in. I hadn’t even considered social media as a way to hear about job opportunities.

If you haven’t figured out the job searching capabilities that Twitter offers then you should definitely keep reading. For a public relations major it could open a ton of possibilities. For example, I started following many different people, companies and specific human resources pages that offer internships and jobs in the areas that I am considering to move to after graduation. I made myself a “PR job” list and am constantly adding to it when I see someone I think could help me out.

Some little secrets I will share if you are looking for an internship: Follow @InternQueen for internship opportunities or just general advice.

Looking for a job in the Los Angeles area? Follow @PRJobLA for public relations posting in the L.A. area. There are so many more people you can follow on your personal list when job hunting, but all it takes is a little research.

I have personally known friends who have used Twitter to land interviews with companies that they are interested in working for. You can retweet what they say, or directly go to the job posting they list and apply for the job. With the job market being so impacted and everyone wanting a job I figure the more ways you can find opportunities the better. I hope this helps some of you job hunters out there, and remember to utilize any site you can to make your Web presence stand out so future employers want to hire you!

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