Butte Case Study

Butte College’s Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism and Accessibility was in need of social media updates and new content to raise awareness of the impactful work they do. Our goal was to centralize around the main resources that are provided on Butte’s campus. The client’s goals were highlighted through social media posts and articles drafted for their U in Butte newsletter. 

Projects Worked On

  • Building and enhancing their social media presence
  • Creating merchandise such as stickers and buttons
  • Developing a new logo
  • Writing six stories for their digital and print U in Butte newsletter
  • Creating a design for the new print newsletter 
  • Updating web content

Our energy was centralized to enhance BC IDEAA’s visibility by promoting their goals of diversity, inclusion and equity. One of the ways we achieved this was to provide a solid social media presence. We began with a solid social media strategy that incorporated important events and  historical holidays to educate our audiences. Social media management is key to staying in touch with target audiences. We created a content calendar that provided the exact graphics and captions for any given post date. 

Creating a website strategy was equally important as it serves as the gateway to learn more about DEI for the Butte College community. The strategy included redesigning the logo and writing newsletter stories that educate readers about poignant topics including intersectionality and the significance of the multicultural centers on Butte’s campus.The newsletter stories fall into three categories designed to make students feel included on campus: raising awareness, encouraging acceptance and inviting action. 


  • Newsletter stories
  • Print and online newsletter design
  • Photography
  • Stickers, buttons and logo design