AAST Case Study

The minor in Asian American Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines the cultures, histories, experiences, concerns and contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans. It focuses on the American experience of persons from Asian countries of the Pacific Rim and the Pacific Islands while maintaining relationships with the Asian American community and broader society. TGC worked to increase minors while building the visibility of the program. 

What we did:

  1. Our team collaborated to be successful in bringing awareness to this minor. From creating social media pages to working with The Orion to earn a  feature story, we drafted core messaging and collateral for AAST. We used Canva, InDesign, Photoshop, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Zoom to execute all our projects. 


  1. The AAST team grew the minor’s branding through logo creation, tabling materials, media relations and website copy.

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Butte Case Study

Butte College’s Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism and Accessibility was in need of social media updates and new content to raise awareness of the impactful work they do. Our goal was to centralize around the main resources that are provided on Butte’s campus. The client’s goals were highlighted through social media posts and articles drafted for their U in Butte newsletter. 

Projects Worked On

  • Building and enhancing their social media presence
  • Creating merchandise such as stickers and buttons
  • Developing a new logo
  • Writing six stories for their digital and print U in Butte newsletter
  • Creating a design for the new print newsletter 
  • Updating web content

Our energy was centralized to enhance BC IDEAA’s visibility by promoting their goals of diversity, inclusion and equity. One of the ways we achieved this was to provide a solid social media presence. We began with a solid social media strategy that incorporated important events and  historical holidays to educate our audiences. Social media management is key to staying in touch with target audiences. We created a content calendar that provided the exact graphics and captions for any given post date. 

Creating a website strategy was equally important as it serves as the gateway to learn more about DEI for the Butte College community. The strategy included redesigning the logo and writing newsletter stories that educate readers about poignant topics including intersectionality and the significance of the multicultural centers on Butte’s campus.The newsletter stories fall into three categories designed to make students feel included on campus: raising awareness, encouraging acceptance and inviting action. 


  • Newsletter stories
  • Print and online newsletter design
  • Photography
  • Stickers, buttons and logo design

Krōōd Candles Case Study

What is Krōōd? Krōōd is a  luxurious product line that offers healthy, safe and free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates candles. Every product is thoughtfully created to provide a pleasurable, sensorial experience of guilt-free indulgence. 

Our mission for this semester was to build visibility for Krōōd. Our top goal was to increase social media engagement and consistency. We were able to have multiple social media influencers receive our PR package that they posted on their instagram stories.

What We Did:

Our client wanted assistance with social media. We created strategies planning future content in a social media calendar and trained our client on how to use websites such as Canva and Mailchimp for graphics and email marketing. The Krōōd team worked to produce original content such as “filler posts,” Instagram reels and posts  and TikToks. The Krōōd team also worked on influencer and small boutique outreach projects. 


Krōōd had an established social media and digital presence, so the TGC team created strategies to increase audience engagement and expand the brand’s reach and resources. The team used materials such as photographs, videos and graphic design elements to post frequently to Instagram and Facebook. They also connected Krōōd’s online shop to Pinterest and launched a successful TikTok account. 

Aside from social media, the campaigns for two new product launches consisted of email marketing, brand packing research and content creation. Team members reached out to influencers and boutiques for earned media and wholesale opportunities. Merchandise design was created to further connect Krōōd customers with the brand. Overall, TGC assisted the client with social media, marketing, content creation and campaign planning. 

  • Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok)
  • Content creation (photography, video, graphics)
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer and boutique outreach
  • Merchandise design
  • Caption research and creation
  • Two new product launch campaigns


Center for Entrepreneurship Case Study

Brand Guide for Center of Entrepreneurship

Services Provided:

  • Facebook Campaign for Giving Day
  • Photography
  • Brand Manual
  • Taglines and Core Messaging
  • Web Content – Feature Stories
  • Alumni Highlight Stories for Web and Facebook
  • Content Calendar for posting guide
  • Brand Intro Guide
  • SWOT Analysis


  • Chico State Center for Entrepreneurship


  • Fall 2018


Description of services:

  • What we did: The Center for Entrepreneurship was recently taken over by Dr. Colleen Robb. Essentially, the full scope of work for the center fell into her hands alone. In that regard, Dr. Robb’s needs were extremely open ended. These needs included, event planning, brand analysis, outreach and web content. The center’s social media needed to find it’s core voice so we created core messaging and tone guides in an effort to aid future social efforts by the center.
  • Our main goal this semester was to provide a comprehensive brand guide, content to use in a fundraising campaign, content for their online presence and a calendar to effectively roll out the content created. These efforts were all focused on one sole purpose, helping the center find it’s unique voice, while effectively campaigning for funding through Giving Day. Though Giving Day was delayed due to an extremely unexpected fire which numbed the community, we were able to provide the center with all the assets they would need to execute the event at a later date. Working through an iterative process, our team kept direct communication with the client at all times. This ensured cooperative communication and accurate project completion. We learned a great deal, helped more and walked away proud of the work completed.

Brand Manual – Kimberly Volkov (Art Director 2019)

Brand Manual - Kimberly Volkov (Art Director 2019)

Photography – Jasmine Garcia (Creative 2018)

Photography - Jasmine Garcia (Creative 2018)

Facebook Post Example – Dr. Robb via Team Recommendations

Facebook Post Example - Dr. Robb via Team Recommendations

NAMI Case Study

Flyer for Nami Event.

Services Provided:

  • Web
  • Social Media
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Collateral
  • Strategic Planning for Spring Fundraising Event
  • Media Relations


  • National Alliance on Mental Illness Butte County


  • Fall 2018


Description of services:

  • What we did: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Butte County educates and advocates for the mentally ill and their families. NAMI provides regular classes, support groups and presentations to the general public in the Butte County community. TGC has worked with NAMI during the Fall 2018 semester to build visibility for mental health support in Butte County and to effectively communicate the services that NAMI provides to the community.
  • We’ve implemented a variety of projects throughout the semester to reach NAMI’s goals of communication and visibility within the Butte County community. Through photography and videography, we’ve created content for NAMI’s website and social channels to increase brand visibility. Our collateral projects have focused on providing NAMI with flyers, a brochure and a newsletter that highlight the mental health services which NAMI offers. Our media relations project provided NAMI with a media list, a contact plan and a mock-up press release to increase membership efforts. Lastly, our strategic planning for NAMI’s spring fundraising event gave NAMI the content to implement a fundraiser to raise money for their organization. Together, our talented creatives and PR staff worked to successfully build visibility and communication between NAMI and the Butte County community.

Screenshots of creative content: