5 Tips On How To Snap The Best Pic

In photography composition is key. Placing your subject, using certain colors, and picking the right background helps your picture look the most professional it can be. The subject of your photo is the most important part to make clear and draw the audience’s attention to. Because the subject is the reason you are taking the picture, it should clearly be in focus. Here are some tips on how to lead your audience’s eye to the subject and make your picture stand out among the rest.

Tip # 1
Leading Lines: Use lines to lead to your subject, a specific part of the frame, or a vanishing point in the background of the frame. People’s eyes naturally like to follow lines.

Tip # 2
Rule of thirds: Divide your frame into two horizontal lines and two vertical lines equally. The important elements in your picture should be placed along one of those lines instead of in the center of the picture. An off-center picture is more pleasing to the eye.

Tip # 3
Complementary colors: Every color has an opposite on the color wheel that compliments it the best and has the strongest contrast when put next to each other. Use colors that compliment each other and make the other color stand out. For example, red is the complementary color and opposite of green.

Tip # 4
Framing: When placing your subject in a photo, proper framing can really make your subject stand out. Using structures, windows, door frames, light etc. to crop around your subject work well to guide the viewer’s eye toward the subject.

Tip # 5
Rule of Odds: Always use an odd number of subjects when working with more than one subject. This gives the picture more harmony and balance visually.

Your composition can make or break your photo,so next time you are about to snap a picture keep these compositional tips in mind. Play around with these tips and watch your photography skills grow! Happy snapping!


Making the Most of Your Last Semester in College

Many of us have just embarked on our last semester at California State University, Chico.

This is a time to reflect on our academic experience and begin crucial planning that will determine which direction our bright new careers will take us in.

The Huffington Post has an article to assist seniors in their last semester properly prepare for job hunting. I want to stress the importance of taking your resume to a workshop, securing personal online accounts and expanding your professional network.

I feel that one of the best ways to prepare for job hunting is by being active on LinkedIn. I advise that you add all family, friends, professors and colleges because just one of these connections could lead you to the career of your dreams.

After completing the necessary tasks that will ultimately allow you to land your first job after college, seniors should take the time to fully experience what Chico has to offer.

Sadly, most of us will never live in or even visit Chico ever again.

Bidwell fall colors
Photo Credit: Nicole Hamon

I really would like to encourage students to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. Taking a break from your academics with a simple stroll through Bidwell Park or a nice hike around Bear Hole can really allow you to experience Chico.

These are the type of memories that will stay with you when you fondly reflect on your academic experience at Chico.

A favorite hike of mine, one that everyone should accomplish before leaving, is the Feather Falls trail in Oroville. The surroundings are gorgeous and there is a massive waterfall at the turn around point of the hike.

Students should acknowledge that the nature that surrounds Chico is a great source to alleviate stress.

Enjoy your last semester to the fullest, you only have this opportunity once.

April Showers? More like April Sunshine!

Well, it’s officially warm in Chico. After a seemingly endless winter and nonexistent spring, summer seems to have arrived early. No one seems to mind this change in weather because when Chico heats up, we all look for ways to chill out and cool down.

If you’re like me, you’re always seeking new outdoor activities to enjoy during the summer. Well, look no further! Here are my top five Chico faves:

1. Bear Hole: A common favorite, Bear Hole is located in Upper Bidwell Park, a short drive, or a long hike away. I love Bear Hole for its scenic views and cool waters. The underwater tunnels are incredible too!

2. Thursday Night Market: I am a huge fan of two things: shopping and food. The Thursday Night Market is a great way to combine these two loves of mine in the company of great friends-and it’s just a short walk from home! Meander around downtown Chico and sample fresh goods and produce from local farmers.

3. River Road Bike Loop: The orchards are in bloom! If that isn’t reason enough to try this 20-mile bike loop, I don’t know what is. In just a few hours, you can escape reality and dive right into a world of serenity and natural beauty. I love to “stop and smell the roses,” or the cherry blossoms on this gorgeous ride.

4. One Mile: Chico’s beach, One Mile is a great place to enjoy time with family and friends, host a barbecue or simply sun yourself near this pool-converted river.

5. The WREC: Since the weather is getting warmer, it’s important to keep that summer bod in shape! For those especially sweltering days, cool off in the air-conditioned Wildcat Recreation Center. Work out on state-of-the-art exercise equipment or splash around in the enormous wade pool.
Happy hiking, biking, swimming and shopping!

De-stress with Nature

With finals approaching and soon-to-be-graduates sending out applications at a frantic, rapid rate, stress levels are skyrocketing. Luckily, the TGC staff lives in the beautiful town of Chico. The nickname City of the Trees paints a green picture in your mind, but some of us are so caught up in our own world, we rarely take a moment to stop and smell the roses. This video highlights the importance of nature. Being outdoors helps relieve stress and people who embrace nature will live happier and healthier lives.