My dream apps

By Skylar Young, Account Executive

I have never used my iPhone so much until I joined Tehama Group Communications.

I find myself checking my email every five minutes and I have come to discover that in this agency, email is the new text. I depend one my iPhone so much that there is no way I could go back to using a regular phone.

I have recently organized all my applications into folders. For example, my Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn are under “social” while my camera, Photoshop Express and Instagram are filed in “photography.”

My latest folder edition is called “dreams.” This is where I keep my theater and public relations apps.

Just recently I discovered an app called Proton PR 007, specially made to help PR people’s lives easier. CEO Sean Fitzpatrick said it was like a Swiss Army knife of applications for PR people, according to

The application includes:

Spelling and Grammar Checker: So we won’t have another press release where adviser is spelled advisor.

Buzzword Manager: So we can scan news releases and blog posts instantly with our phone.

New Hook Detector: It scans and identifies news hooks to help us research the latest trends or breaking news.

Press Release Writer: It automatically creates a headline and lead paragraph so your press release will be catchy and news worthy.

Media Database: This database holds up to 50,000 contacts and you can instantly email pitches to everyone.

Online Influencer Evaluator: So we can see who has the most Klout influence by choosing from an updated list.

PowerPoint Projector: So we can present a pitch that will fit in our pocket! Your elevator pitch can now include a PowerPoint presentation.

Note Taker: So we can record phone calls and interviews.

Social Media Maximizer: I know how we all like to run for mayor on Foursquare. This app organizes all of your favorite social mediums.

This app does not come cheap, but I would not mind it in my “dreams” folder one day. Any app that can help me come up with an amazing headlines, spell check my press releases and let me give a PowerPoint presentation anywhere is my kind app.

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