The Key to a Stress-Free Life

Sitting back and relaxing with feet up on the desk.

Stress, we all get it, but where does it derive from? It can be caused by multiple things such as having a lot on your plate, meeting deadlines, or even having to resolve a problem. Regardless of what is causing you to stress, I will give you a tip that has helped me deal with stress during the last five years of my life.


Before I get to that, let me give you a small glimpse of the type of stress I was facing.


I transferred to Chico State from a community college in San Diego. I dealt with the most amount of stress during my final year. I was working 40 hours a week for a deadline-oriented market research firm. I was the scheduler in charge of meeting weekly deadlines for my two assigned states. I was also the team lead of my department which meant I had to help my team members meet their deadlines. At the same time, I was dealing with transfer applications while taking 15 units of classes. Somehow, I managed.


How did I do it? I scheduled an hour a day to do something I enjoyed. Everyone has that one thing we look forward to doing, that thing that lets us disconnect from the present and gives us peace of mind. In my case, that was playing video games. I realized that regardless of how stressed I was feeling I always felt much better and re-energized after disconnecting for a bit.


The key to being stress free isn’t video games. It’s finding that one thing that gives you freedom, makes you forget all your problems and allows you take a break and breath. My tip to you is, find that thing you look forward to doing and make time for it. It could be running, reading, cooking or even hanging out with friends. Whatever it may be, make time for it. Your deadlines won’t go away, but you will feel energized and relieved, giving you enough strength to tackle anything.


Public relations can be a stress heavy field, or so I’ve been told. But, I look forward to developing my career in an industry involving crisis communications. I like being challenged and being pushed to do my best. As long as I have gaming or something that can help me relieve stress, I welcome any challenge that comes my way.

 By: Alma Garcia 

Photo by: StartupStockPhotos