Realizing What I’ve Got Before It’s Gone

 By Sara Ortega, Account Executive 

Well, it’s almost here. It’s almost time to put on my awkwardly oversized gown and cap and get my diploma! It’s what I’ve been working for these past four years and it’s hard to believe it’s already time. While I’m beyond excited to get out into the real world (whatever that means) it’s starting to hit me – I’m moving back in with my parents.

This shocking realization has made me think about all the simple things I won’t be able to get while living at home in Sacramento. While my parents are both pretty easygoing people, my new roomies are in for a treat.

With fewer than 30 days before I walk across that stage, I’m making sure that I spend every waking moment on things I’ll begin to miss once I unpack and settle in back home.

Here are just a few of the things that I think I’ll miss most (they’re in no special order):

1. Complete and utter FREEDOM.
2. Eating Celestino’s Pizza: $3.75 and you have a feast.
3. Being in a college town.
4. One dollar drink specials.
5. Waking up in a house filled with three cats, a bunny and my best friends.
6. Having my house and school within a block in walking distance and all of my friends around the corner.
7. Being in a wonderful land where sleeping in until one is socially acceptable.
8. Being expected to screw things up every once in awhile – I had four years to do that and apparently that’s all we get.
9. Eating Top Ramen, living in a run-down apartment on a dirty street while still managing to have the best times of my life.
10. Attending those college parties and still being one of the college kids.

When it comes down to it, I couldn’t be more excited to get out into the real world and to finally graduate! It’s definitely bittersweet and a little scary, but my Chico experience has given me memories to cherish forever.

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