#Upgrading your Instagram Account

In an ever growing media space, our society is becoming more and more visual with every technological advancement. This means that the patience for words is scarce. Having to read long descriptions on social media posts is tiring and will typically result in scrolling right over what could be a quality post.

Twitter limits its users to 140 characters. On Facebook, people go on rants in every direction. With Instagram, there is no reason that a user cannot say what they need to in as few words as possible when they (hopefully) have a picturesque photo.

Here are some tips on making sure your personal or business Instagram photos are those that can be worth a thousand words, while using just a few.

Death and Taxes Magazine Social media personality “The Fat Jewish” pictured. Courtesy of Death and Taxes Magazine.
Marnie the Dog Marnie the Dog of Instagram enjoying the company of potassium. Courtesy of @marniethedog.

Develop your social media personality
Instagram personalities like (insert Kardashian/Jenner here),
The Fat Jewish, Dan Bilzerian and Marnie the Dog all have a cult-like following on Instagram. Between shooting massive guns with attractive women around you, having a dog with a tongue that cannot stay in its mouth doing derpy things and The Fat Jewish doing whatever he does, these users post photos that their audiences have grown to expect. They are recognized for those reasons.

xyzlegend (Funnyjunk) Widely circulated as a meme on the internet. Origin unknown.

Actually capture QUALITY photos

This is semi-easier said than done. Most users would not expect for everyone to use DSLR cameras with the attributes perfectly adjusted, but they do not deserve to look at potato-quality photos. Make sure that your photos aren’t blurred, are edited properly (within or outside of the Instagram app) and that people can clearly see what the photo is about.

Engage with the Instagram community at-large

Follow hashtags and users in the Instagram discovery section of the app. If you are searching for something related to your posts on someone else’s account, like their content, comment on it and show love for them because they may do the same for you. By the time they get to your account, they should have an idea of what they are getting themselves into.


Marketing Land. Source unknown.

Use industry and photo relevant hashtags
If you are out traveling the world, eating delicious food or like showing off your fashion choices, why not shout out to people who you want to see your post? Research the way people who post similarly to you use hashtags. In your post about getting to the Eiffel Tower in Paris include: #travel #traveling #travelgram #paris #ig_paris #parisgram #skyporn #… amongst many others. Using one simple #tbt, #burger or #europe does not cut it anymore.


nick fittipaldi work selfie
Nick Fittipaldi. Chico State students Nick Fittipaldi, Erin Wylder and Liz Holmes enjoy time spent in the Tehama Group Communications office. Courtesy of Nick Fittipaldi.

Figure out what works and what does not work

It’s OK to test out the social media waters and figure out what works when posting and what does not. Just make sure that you aren’t over-posting and overwhelming your followers. Test new hashtags, new filters and more. Figure out what related accounts are saying to determine how much or little text they use compared to your own.

Get a balance of work and play photos

If you are representing your business or a mix of your professional and personal life, show that you are dynamic. Post a mix of dog pictures, work selfies from your team, projects going on at your business and obscure things that are happening around your neighborhood too. Showing that your business is not just a bunch of cubicles and gray walls is important to prospective clients and people interested in working for you.



By Brandon Eiges, Digital Media Assistant