Who the Hell is Lady Gaga’s PR Team? The Darling Department.

By Danielle Maglione, Online Communications Director

Don’t Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen.

Many people think Lady Gaga generates ideas on a whim from her spectacular visions. However, every move Gaga makes is premeditated.

I appreciate Lady Gaga and her talents because I’m a fan of her creativity, ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking. From emulating Madonna to paying homage to Grace Jones to wearing elaborate costumes designed by the late Alexander McQueen, Gaga and her team always push the envelope.
However, things got a little weird during the 53rd Grammy Awards.
Incubation…pod…womb…egg. These are words that describe Gaga’s transportation on the red carpet.
While glamorous stars adorned the carpet, Gaga arrived inside an egg-shaped vessel carried by models wearing sheer latex. When being interviewed by E! Entertainment Television, one of the models had to speak for Gaga because she had to wear an oxygen mask in the egg. Television viewers could see a woman’s shadow inside the egg waving to the camera.

Usually celebrities use the microphone as a form of publicity or promotion. It’s the perfect time to show the audience they are relatable. However, this lady decided to incubate.

While watching the egg vessel, I asked myself, “Who is allowing this woman to act this way? Is someone contributing to these off the wall ideas?” The answer is yes. Gaga hired The Darling Department, a UK agency, to handle her PR in summer 2010.

Even though the egg vessel seemed ridiculous, it stirred-up more attention and publicity than a traditional interview.

Before the Grammy’s were televised, celebrities such as Snooki and Giuliana Rancic were tweeting photos of Gaga in the egg. After seeing the TwitPics, viewers made sure to tune into the awards show to see the megastar.
Lady_Gaga_eggIt was perfect PR.
Gaga’s eggmobile was not the only outrageous publicity move she made in February.

Days before the 53rd Grammy Awards, Gaga discussed her use of marijuana, cocaine and alcohol to produce her lyrics, music and concepts in an interview with Anderson Cooper.

However, the public doesn’t excommunicate her–instead, we nod our heads up and down and say, “Duh, she does drugs.”

Then, days after the awards show, Gaga appeared on Good Morning America in a latex condom inspired outfit in order to promote safe sex and her MAC cosmetics lipstick.

The Darling Department knows how to entice the audience. We’re fully aware her next move will be bigger than her last, and we stay aboard for the ride.

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