Previous Clients


streamTeamLogoThe Stream Team is a Butte County nonprofit focused on water conservation and education. The Team has been around for 14 years and has coordinated over 20,000 hours of community service in Chico and the surrounding areas. They are primarily focused on maintaining the ecosystem of the Big Chico Creek and providing conservation education to local organizations.

In the Spring of 2016, we worked to provide an informational video and brochure explaining who they are and what they do for the watershed. We also created a media kit, as well as collateral that they provide to their volunteers in order to pass out to community members who are looking to become involved in their efforts.





Design SI is a creative studio offering design services for unique residences, timeless interiors and sustainable products. Projects include additions, restorations and the adaptive reuse, as well new construction. With a creative design approach, they offer unique design solutions accommodating a range of budgets and individual needs.

This semester we are helping the client develop their brand. We will do this by rebuilding their website and increasing their social media presence. We also reworked marketing materials and will help get them coverage in relevant publications and other media outlets.




mothersstronglogoMothers Strong is a Butte County non-profit that provides education and resources around Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder to mothers of children 0-5. Its mission is to educate mothers about the realities of parenthood and support them through difficult times by developing community support.

In Spring  of 2016, TGC helped Mothers Strong reach specific communities to promote their ongoing “Embracing Motherhood” events and creating web content so their message can reach a wider range of women who need maternal mental health support and information.




cavelogoCommunity Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE) is a student-run, non-profit volunteer organization, offering more than 12 diverse volunteer programs. CAVE’s mission is to provide California State University, Chico students with meaningful volunteer opportunities, to develop student leaders and to service a broad base of community needs. Their philosophy is that the community should be a classroom for hands-on learning, with the motto is “Life is for Learning.”

In the Spring 2016 TGC’s team helped them to build and maintain alumni relations, creating social media guides, and are working closely with them to create structure for their written content.





Red Hot Metal is the organizational name for the company that includes decorative wrought iron work and Cutting Edge Products which produce custom tools for glass artists. Red Hot Metal projects can be found around town, from the PG&E box transformer cover downtown to custom projects for Sierra Nevada. They do public, commercial, and residential metal work.

TGC’s team focused on enhancing their digital presence by creating a new website and creating a guide on best social media practices. Original video content was shot and developed for the client.





As You Like It Weddings is a locally-owned business offering a years of experience in officiating and hosting weddings. The organization is composed of two distinct services. First, As You Like It Weddings, provides custom ministry/officiate services. They work with clients to create a custom wedding ceremony. Second, the Windchime Wedding Chapel is a venue for intimate wedding ceremonies in Chico, CA. The venue is a 1929 bungalow that is idea for couples with few witnesses and less than 15 guests.

Our TGC team has been able to do a lot of web design as well as build her consultation business by designing uncomplicated packages and creating a media kit that she will utilize during the wedding season.