The ‘90s Comeback

I found myself the other day having the urge to play a Nintendo 64. I was in luck, my roommate had a Nintendo 64 already hooked up and waiting for me to give in. While playing Super Mario 64 I found myself reminiscing of my childhood when I played Nintendo 64 almost everyday after elementary school.

Nintendo 64
Photo credit: Jonas Nilsson

These nostalgic thoughts tracing me back to my childhood days expanded into other memories formed during that time period in my life. I then thought of why I had gotten the urge to play suddenly, and out of the blue, especially considering that I had not played Nintendo 64  in over six years. Had I been listening to the ‘90s Britney Spears earlier that day? Was it ‘N Sync making a surprise performance at the MTV VMA’s just weeks before?

I still do not know the answer to this question, but I remembered hearing various sources claim the ‘90s were making a comeback. Perhaps they were making a comeback not only in society as a whole, but also into my individual life. Whether or not the 90’s are making an actual comeback, I am happy with the ‘90s reminiscent surprises showing up in our current world.

Here are some signs that I have found that give way to the thought that the ‘90s might be making a comeback:

  1. ‘N Sync doing a live surprise performance at the MTV VMAs in August
  2. Austin Mahone’s MTV VMAS performance’s resemblance to ‘90s style, August 2013
  3. Certain fashion trends such as floral prints, high-waisted shorts, fanny packs, high tops, etc.
  4. ABC’s new show “The Goldbergs” about a suburban family from the early ‘90s