Blogging for Dummies

If you’re anything like me, blogs are a foreign concept. Every once in awhile you think, “it would be cool to have a blog…” but then you realize that you know almost nothing about blogs.

Well, have no fear, I will share some tips that I have gathered to help the lost blogger.

One of the biggest problems I personally encounter is what to blog about.

  1. Carry around a small notebook and jot down ideas when they come to you. Instead of sitting down and saying, “okay, now I will blog,” sit down, open your notebook and pick the idea that strikes you at that very moment.

  2. Don’t stress, write about what you want. The idea of a blog is to share your thoughts about something. Your blog will never please everyone, so don’t worry about anyone except your niche audience.

  3. Also look for articles like these, which provide more tips for blog ideas.

Another challenge I face is, what sort of a blog do I want to write? (tips, review, current events, etc.)

  1. This really depends on your blog content. The important thing to remember is to not just word vomit; format your blog post accordingly.

  2. If you are really stuck, do a simple Google search you can find things like this; which provide you with more ideas of what sort of blog to write.


Above all else if you want a blog, all you have to do is…