Business Casual Attire Broken Down

More tips for men:

Shirts: Pick shirts either in a solid color or that  have a formal-looking pattern like plaid or oxford. You can wear polo shirts, but make sure there are no big logos on them. Always tuck in your shirt.

Pants: Pants should extend to the top of your shoes or be slightly longer. If your pants are too long where it bunches up at the bottom or you are required to fold them, this is considered to be too baggy and unprofessional.

You can wear a blazer or a V-neck.

ALWAYS accessorize with a neutral-colored belt.

More tips for women:

Skirts and dresses: You don’t want the skirts or dresses to be too long or too short. Avoid revealing skirts and dresses.

Shirts: Look for shirts on the more conservative side that are not too revealing. Depending on the cut of the shirt, you can get away with it being either tucked in or not tucked in.

Shoes: Avoid heels that are above 4 inches.


Jeans and sneakers are not considered business casual attire UNLESS stated by the company policies for both men and women.

Sundresses are not considered business casual attire for women.