A Hopeless Romantic’s Guide to an Inexpensive Valentine’s Day

It is that time of year again! Love is in the air and hopeless romantics, such as myself, are happy as can be with all the mushy lovey dovey commercials and romantic comedy previews taking over television.

Valentine’s Day gives anyone the perfect excuse to indulge in candy and either celebrate not having to buy a significant other a gift or celebrating your current love interest.

However, for some people this can be a stressful weekend and holiday. I know my boyfriend is driving nine hours just to celebrate this romantic holiday with me. Gas alone is enough to empty his pockets and create one very expensive weekend.

Feeling guilty, I decided it might be important to come up with inexpensive date ideas. It really is such a silly holiday, no couple should feel stressed to throw down a large sum of money. So here is what I came up with.

1. Go on a picnic

Yes, it seems very simple and some of you may have rolled your eyes, but really it is the perfect inexpensive date. Every woman will appreciate you taking the time to pack up some food and take her to a relaxing spot to really enjoy quality time together. In Chico, we really make it easy by having access to the beautiful Bidwell Park.

2. Do something adventurous

It has been proven that challenging activities can actually bring you and your beau closer together by working together in a difficult task. Try rock climbing or go camping. Anything that puts you out of your comfort zone can really make you vulnerable and in return, rely on one another. My personal favorite is to go to a shooting range.

3. Act like silly kids again

Rollerblading and bowling are fun activities that allow you to bring out the child in you. Bowling can create some fun competition and both of these date ideas ease on the pressure to be romantic.

4. Check out showtimes for a movie or concert

I am a huge music lover so when I get tickets to a concert I am completely ecstatic. It not only is a guaranteed fun time, but also shows you are willing to take an interest in the music your date enjoys. Valentine’s Day may also be the one day it is okay to see chick flicks and not be judged for it.

5. Find out about the restaurant deals in town

Many restaurants will have specials for this holiday and it is the perfect opportunity to go out to a nice place without looking at the bill in complete horror. You can also check out LivingSocial, which always has great deals for restaurant vouchers.Well, I hope this helps all you fellow poor college students or those of you who find it ridiculous to spend too much money for one holiday. Let me know if you try one of my tips and how it worked out for you!