My Top 5 Fashion PR Agencies

To most people, choosing a career path has taken all of college and beyond to decide, but that was never the case for me. For as long as I can remember I have always had a true “passion for fashion” and still today, I know that I want to have a career in the fashion industry. This industry fascinates me because it is constantly changing and there is always something new and exciting going on.

Being three short weeks away from graduation, the reality of my future and the career that I will embark on is right in front of me. I feel lucky to be leaving college with a degree in journalism with a focus in public relations that I can apply in the industry that has always been my dream. Although it may take some time for me to get my foot in the door in this fast paced, ever-changing industry, I am confident that I will be doing something that I love. There are many fashion PR agencies that I aspire to work for, but I wanted to showcase my choice for the top five in the industry for other aspiring fashion PR pros.

Mullens Public Relationsvtekcg7j0wnj8098wg5a_400x400

  •      San Francisco based boutique public relations agency
  •      Specializes in fashion, lifestyle and design
  •      Founded by Jessica Mullens Engelman in 2000
  •      Services include: strategic planning, special events, social media solutions and influencer marketing
  •      Some clients include: Burberry, ELLE, Donna Karan, J.Crew and Levi’s

Mannfolk Public Reltaions

  •      Offices in Los Angeles and New York2fb3e6e
  •     Specializes in fashion, lifestyle, beauty and social media
  •      Delivers integrated communication campaigns designed specifically for the client
  •      Services include: brand image development, creative direction and copywriting, media representation, press liaison and product integration, special events, social media support, hollywood showroom, account management, advertising and marketing
  •      Some clients include: American Apparel, Allen Edwards and Lyla Jarn

Factory PR

  •      Offices in Los Angeles and New Yorkny
  •   Specializes in   Fashion, Lifestyle and Celebrity communications agency
  •      Specializes in launching and repositioning brands, tailored to each client
  •      Services include: public relations, events, creative, digital and marketing
  •      Some clients include: Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, Macy’s and BillaBong

Big Picture PR

  •      Offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New Yorklogo
  •      A boutique consumer PR and social media agency focused on fashion, lifestyle, design, consumer technology and health brands
  •      They are a start-up agency whose approach is about storytelling
  •      Services include: product placement, media relations outreach, social media strategies, digital PR, events, launch strategies, brand liaison and many more!
  •      Some clients include: Conde Nast, Lucky Magazine, Guess and GQ Magazine

imgresNow and Zen PR

  •      Offices in New York and Los Angeles
  •      A boutique marketing communications agency focused on fashion, lifestyle and celebrities
  •      They develop and manage multi-platform strategies to build and expand brand awareness to increase sales for clients
  •      Services include: celebrity adoption, product placement on tv and film, media relations and social media marketing
  •      Some clients include: 7 for all Mankind, Express, Nautica and Desigual

by Rebekah Miller, assistant account executive

Seasoned Trendsetter

When leaves begin falling from the trees and holiday season is around the corner, the weather starts to get colder. My first thought is that I need a new wardrobe immediately to be prepared and ready for the change! I’m sure you all are thinking the same thing right? What do I wear now? How do I look fashionable when all I want to do is stay cuddled in bed with an oversized sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants? Don’t you worry fashion friends, I have got the key to looking good!

To start with the basics, the color of the season is emerald. Other popular colors are shades of blues and greys as well as pastel colors such as soft pinks, purples, blues, greens and yellows for women. According to the latest issue of Glamour Magazine, women have many “must-have” pieces for the upcoming fall and winter season. Having a little bit of everything will always allow your style to have variation. Repeating outfits is definitely breaking the fashion rule. With several different pieces in your closet, you can mix and match everything to spice up your wardrobe!

fall/winter fashion
Photo credit: Kelsey Norris
  1. Winter whites
  2. Knit beanies
  3. Classic patterns: leopard, plaid and pinstripes
  4. Over-the-knee boots
  5. Turtlenecks
  6. Shades of green (hence the emerald)
  7. Slouchy pants
  8. Statement outerwear: coats with fur, embellishments
  9. Folk-inspired pieces: pieces that represent culture
  10. Rounded shoulders

Men, on the other hand, are a little more simple when it comes to fashion. According to Business Insider, there are seven pieces that men should have in their closet. We all may be thinking that Business Insider isn’t a go-to fashion site, however, referring to an outside source for fashion proves that it is an essential part of daily life. Every girl likes a guy with style and the “must haves” listed below will land men that hot date they have been craving!

  1. Statement scarves
  2. Camo print
  3. Burgundy
  4. Black leather
  5. Plaid
  6. Cuffed pants
  7. Backpacks