What Your Nail Color Says About You

Photo credit: Andrea Nibler
Photo credit: Andrea Nibler

First impressions are key. When preparing for a job interview most of us plan out our entire outfit down to our shoes, but we rarely consider the impression other subtle details of our appearance leave.

When painting your nails a shiny new shade, choose your color wisely.

Your go-to nail look can say a few things about your personality. Are you a confident red? A dazzling glitter? Or maybe a chic gray?

Whether you gravitate towards a bold hue or something more relaxed, the fact is that nail color makes a statement.

Nude = You’re a Natural

Pretty and polished, nudes are always feminine and clean-cut.  You are not afraid to show your true self to the world. These feminine shades are appropriate for any situation.

Red = You’re Passionate

Red nails are the ultimate bold statement. Shades of red emanate passion, fire and confidence. Wear this daring color and employers will know that you are someone who won’t shy away from the spotlight.

Purple = You’re Creative

Purple is the color of imagination. Purple people are ambitious and deep thinkers who enjoy standing out in their own way.

Green = You’re Adventurous

Green is a strong and powerful color. Those who make green their top choice have a strong sense of adventure and don’t get intimidated by risk.

 Blue = You’re Loyal

Is blue calling your name? You are calm and peaceful is stressful situations. This color exhibits reliability and inner confidence; both great qualities employers look for.

 Darks = You’re Chic

Those who often choose dark shades are rather chic. The dark polish wearer is usually fashion forward, creative and edgy with a sprinkle of rebellion.

 Neon = You’re Bold

You are hip and energetic. Neon enthusiasts are fun loving, passionate and have the ability to strike up a conversation with almost anyone.

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