Greek Life at Chico State Back Stronger Than Before

As a lot of people may know, last semester Chico State’s Greek system came to a screeching halt. With recent deaths and situations getting out of hand, President Zingg suspended all Greek life in Dec. 2012. Everyone was put on a probation period but luckily all five Panhellenic sororities came back on campus.

With being newly reinstated, a lot of privileges were taken away. It was hard having all of this happen my senior year of college and my last semester in the sorority. I felt like I have worked so hard to become the leader and person I wanted to be for my chapter. Among many other events that we got back, we were still allowed to have recruitment or as a lot of people know it as, “rushing a sorority”.

Going into recruitment, many chapters including my own, thought that the suspension would be a major setback. I thought to myself, “why would anyone want to join a sorority in a time like this? We don’t look good in the eyes of the school with being suspended, and having majority of the main events taken away. What’s the point?”

As it turned out, every week leading up to recruitment more and more girls signed up. Breaking recruitment records, there was a total of 400 girls that signed up. That’s the largest group that we have had in a long time. Despite all the negativity going around, we pulled through and gained 63 great new members to each of our chapters.

There were many doubts regarding the success of the newly reinstated chapters. With restrictions and limitations on old events, it was hard to envision how Greek life would be. But with having such a great recruitment and huge turnout, we were all able to prove that our chapters are not based on the social aspect but the true bond of sisterhood and how it can benefit and enrich your life.