Beauty Tips for your Job Interview

The end of the school year is approaching, and many of us are going on job interviews, which can be nerve-wracking, especially for women. Everyone knows that dressing professionally and choosing the right outfit is important, and for women it is not as straightforward as a collared shirt, a tie and a clean shave. What a woman wears to an interview is determined by the type industry she is applying within, however one thing that should calm the nerves is that our hair and beauty regimen should always stay the same!

“Less is more”, “keep it simple” and “au natural” are some simple rules of thumb to remember when getting ready for your interview. You want 100 percent of the interviewer’s attention focused on what you have to say, not distracted by your appearance. Here are my top tips for your interview beauty routine:


Your hair should be freshly washed, whether you wear it up or down it needs to look clean and polished.
Avoid any flashy hair accessories; stick with a hair tie and bobby pins that match your hair color.
If your bangs fall into your face or you’re guilty of fiddling with your hair when you are nervous, consider wearing your hair up and out of your face, so as not to distract the interviewer.


Use natural looking colors, anything too bright or bold will come across as distracting and unprofessional.

Apply minimal foundation only if you need it, remember you will probably be nervous and you don’t want to sweat off your makeup during the interview. If you do put on foundation, make sure it is blended well and matches your natural skin color… you definitely do not want the dreaded foundation line.

A light shade of blush will add a natural hint of color to your cheeks.
For eye makeup, stick with a neutral palette of matte browns and nude shades. It’s okay to wear mascara and light eyeliner, just stay clear from doing anything dramatic with liquid eyeliner and false lashes, even if you can apply them like a pro!

A hint of color on the lips is always a nice way to add some color to your face, but stick with a neutral or muted shade.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette – Benefit ‘Coralista’ Blush – Nars ‘Pago Pago’ Lipstick


The advice here is simple… Don’t wear any. I am sure you smell lovely, but not all scents are pleasing to everyone. You wouldn’t want to not get the job just because the person who interviewed you thought your scent was unpleasant or too overpowering.


Your nails should be neatly filed and polished.
A neutral nail is always reliable and professional. Stick with wearing a barely-there color, such as beige or a light pink.

Essie ‘Like Linen’ – OPI ‘Sweetheart’