We Bleed Orange

And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air as the San Francisco Giants say goodbye to a rough season.

Even if you’re not a baseball junkie, like myself, you know who the SF Giants are and recognize the beautiful SF logo they bring with them. You might also know that as double World Series champions in the last five years there are many disappointed fans this season. But these disappointed fans remain proud and faithful.

The Giants started off the season just like every other season, ready to dominate Major League Baseball but slowly tumbled from their World Series championship throne. But game after game I yelled out and shouted at the boys as if they were my children.

I had the pleasure of attending the second to last game of the season at AT&T Park in San Francisco against the San Diego Padres. The smell of the fresh cut grass and that first hit that infielder, Pablo Sandoval made to put us in the lead made the rest of the disappointing season melt away.

It coincidentally was also fan appreciation weekend and even though I didn’t win any of the amazing prizes that were given away, the fans went wild each time a new winner was announced. As the game progressed and the score was no longer in our favor the fans remained enthusiastic and engaged as the prizes kept flowing, showing that win or lose we are Giants.

Even though the regular season is over for Major League Baseball, spring training will be here before we know it. So hold on baseball junkies the Giants will get them next season because after all, we bleed orange.

AT&T Park panoramic
Photo credit: Eva Cuarenta