PR and Marketing in Chico

When thinking about public relations and marketing, most people relate these types of businesses to big cities such as San Francisco, Seattle or New York. When in reality, public relations and marketing firms exist in smaller towns all across the US, in cities such as Chico as well. Many graduating seniors will be looking for jobs in this field all over the US, forgetting that there are places of employment right here in town.

The world is packed with public relations and marketing opportunities for graduating seniors, here are a few available in Chico for those who don’t want to leave:

Social High Rise LogoSocial High Rise is a local marketing and public relations firm that focusses on restaurant social media management. They take on all aspects of social media for these restaurants including Yelp, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Trip Advisor and Linkedin. With a generally young staff, Social High Rise stays up to date with current social trends to ensure the clients’ needs are met.


With the quirky name locked down, Half a BubbleOut has been providing public relations and marketing services to the Chico area since they opened shop in their guest bedroom back in 2002. Founded by Michael Redman and his wife Kathryn, Half a Bubble Out focuses on business consulting, web design, internet marketing, traditional marketing and advertising. They refer to themselves as a one stop shop for your small business needs.

Burghardt + Dore Logo

Burghardt+Dore is an award winning marketing, advertising and design firm who impacts multiple brands throughout California. Based in Chico and with over 40 years of combined experience, Burghardt+Dore is a key player in the resort niche of the business. Some of their clients include The Downtown Chico Business Association, Visit Napa Valley and the Seascape Beach Resort.

Some students fall in love with Chico and never want to leave after graduation, others can’t wait to move away. If you’re one of those graduating seniors who loves Chico and can’t imagine leaving, take a look at these companies and see if they would be a good match for you!

Written by Nick Bragg, Public Relations Director Assistant