Just Wanelo it!

Move over Pinterest, Wanelo is climbing up the ladder and joining the spotlight.

Note I said joining–not taking the spotlight, because I am a die-hard Pinterest fan, but I try to stay open minded about my app usage.

Wanelo is a Website and app that is similar to Pinterest, but, get ready for it… you can save and buy things from the Website! Wanelo has endless photos of clothes, accessories and home décor. However, I must warn you, this site is more dangerous than Kesha with a tube of glitter, but it is perfect for gifts and self-indulgences on payday.

Pinterest is known for its original ideas, photos and a spectrum of creativity, but it can be a tease. Call me a shopaholic, but I find it to be heartbreaking when I am scrolling down Pinterest and find a must-have, but can’t buy it because the link leads to an error.

Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest has a multitude of qualities that makes it unique and productive, but if you are just trying to find fun boutique-like treasures, Pinterest can be hard to navigate with the linking situation. I love pinning and finding ideas for hair, makeup, nails and “thinspiration,” but for consumerism purposes, Pinterest just makes you want everything you can’t have simply because you can’t find it.

I am a student, holding down a job and two internships; I really do not have the time or talent to get crafty with mason jars, decoupage and hot glue guns. So for the individual with a busy life, but a superb taste in fashion, trends and the latest ideas, Wanelo it is.