Visit Sacramento: An Instagram that makes me want to do just that

It’s not every day that an Instagram account makes you want to become a tourist in a city you’ve lived an hour away from for the majority of your life. Yet,
Visit Sacramento’s page has convinced me to do just that.  

This account is for the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau, whose main focus is to attract tourism. Their Instagram account is curated by Faithmari who also welcomes guest Instagrammers to share their favorite spots in Sacramento.   

As a California girl born and raised, I can say that Visit Sacramento has done a superb job at showcasing not only Sacramento as a lively city, but showcasing parts of northern California that don’t receive the attention they deserve. Some of these places include the Yuba River, Grass Valley, Foresthill and Yankee Jims.  

With Sacramento as the main focus, the wide range of photos and subjects gives off a feeling that this city has much more to offer than just a place to watch the Kings play. Restaurants and the art scene are among the featured themes on the account. .

Visit Sacramento’s Instagram page has 73 thousand followers and almost 4 thousand posts. Each photograph attracts and receives ample attention through comments and likes.

Personally, I hope to move to Sacramento after graduation in May, and Visit Sacramento has helped sell me on this city. If you haven’t checked out this page, do it! It’s a social media win in my opinion, and will give you an excuse to visit the state’s capital and a city that is only growing in popularity.  

Written by: Taylor Sinclair