Five Ways to Keep the Creative Juices Flowing

1. DO YOUR RESEARCH – As a designer no good comes of “just wingin it” you need to know your audience, know your narrative, and proceed accordingly! Designs are FUN but if you’re the only one who knows what is going on, you leave your audience confused and quick to forget you…

2.REVISE UNTIL THE SUN COMES DOWN – You almost never nail it on the first try… Change it up, give into that little voice saying throw that text into that hang line. Save each revised version, and continue to revise with fresh eyes!

– Like a bad relationship or tempting sale, learn to walk away. Take a break and recharge your creative juices with a stroll in the park, or even something as simple as a screen detox. Come back rested and ready to kick some design butt.

4.SELF DOUBT DOES NOT LIVE HERE – In todays world of constant comparison this can really hinder design freedom. Compare and contrast in moderation, but be con dent in your vision, always.

5.SELL YOUR STORY – Every element in your design has a purpose, design execution is a difficult and re ned skill, sell us on your work by appealing to our emotions as well as our intellectual and intuitive instincts. 

By: Kelsey Veith

Photo by Kelsey Veith

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