Stitching Out the Stress

By Megan Hoffman, Editorial Assistant
It’s a long, tiring day. Many of my peers are preparing to go home and nap, hit the gym, play some video games or even knock back a beer or two. But not me.
I’m going home to cross-stitch.
Much like needlepoint, cross-stitching creates images on fabric using needle and thread. However, these images are formed through X’s in squares, much like pixels form a picture. The more pixels, the more detailed the picture.
I began cross-stitching small projects at the age of 10, no doubt an idea of my mother’s to keep my hands busy and out of trouble. However, as I have gotten older and worked on longer, more detailed projects, I’ve begun to realize that stitching has not only become a part of me, it is something I strongly recommend to all my male and female friends for several reasons.
1. It helps you study. According to the Secrets of Studying website, cross-stitching is one of the many artistic projects you can do as a brainteaser. If you’re looking for a way to challenge yourself and enhance the power of your brain, try stitching it up.
2. It helps relieve stress. While stitching, you are forced to concentrate on what you’re doing, which helps leave any worries behind. In research conducted by the Stitchlinks website, stitching is one of the activities that is recommended to treat depression or achieve a relaxed, meditative state.
3. It helps you learn patience. Stitchlinks also found that stitching helps you be more calm and understanding when you have a problem such as undoing a knot or making a mistake. Just as taking pictures is simple, carefully placing together each pixel that forms a picture can take much more patience.
4. It’s a portable stress reliever. The great thing about stitching is that you can take it anywhere. Waiting for two hours at the DMV? Cross-stitch so you won’t kill the lady at the counter. Long plane flight? Cross-stitch to pass the time.

5. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. When I cross-stitch, I’m normally creating projects for other people. Also, once I’ve finished, the work of art that I’ve just created makes me feel very proud of myself after all the effort that it took to finish the project.

So, ready to suppress that stress? Stitch your way into joy with me! I guarantee it’ll be worth the time.
My finished project.

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  1. I like your first entry. Interesting and informative. Who knew cross-stitching and studying could go hand in hand?

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