Caught in a lie?

By Danielle Maglione, Online Communications Director
OK, we all know that social media has made our lives completely available to the public. We also know that we need to monitor what we say on our statuses, tweets and blogs so we don’t word vomit all over the web.
However, how many times have you caught a friend, family member or even a coworker in a lie due to what they have posted?
(Billy calls his friend Molly at 4 p.m.)
Billy:  “Hey Molly. I can’t go to the Thursday Night Market with you. I’m feeling under the weather and need to sleep.”
Molly: “Billy, get lots of rest, drink fluids and Nyquil-up!”
A 9:30 p.m., Molly checks her Twitter to post a TwitPic she took at the market. When she opened her Twitter app, she noticed an interesting tweet from Billy on her Twitter feed.
@BillyLies OMG! So much fun at Red Lobster tonight with my best friend!!!! Food was dee-lish.  Can’t wait to go to see Soul Surfer.
Incidents like this lead to unfortunate outcomes such as paralyzing a relationship or decreasing your credibility. Professional conduct doesn’t end when you leave the office.
Statuses, tweets and blogs are all being read by people who are smart and pay attention to detail, and they expect you to be the same.

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