How to Avoid Becoming a Boomerang Kid

By Stephanie Burke, Social Media Assistant and Account Executive
Recently, many of my friends have graduated and none of them are completely thrilled about it. When they come back to visit their friends still attending school, they say things like “Don’t leave Chico, stay here as long as you can!” 
My personal opinion about why they aren’t happy is because they are currently sleeping at their parent’s house in their old twin-size bed. No one wants to go from complete freedom to checking in with your parents before you leave the house. So why go back? Before you graduate, take some time to figure out how you can get a job and move into an apartment right after graduation. Here are some helpful tips to make it happen.
1. Make a Plan
Write down your goals. David Kohl, a professor at Virginia Tech University, says people who write down their goals on a regular basis can earn nine times more in their lifetime than people who don’t. Include in these goals where you would like to live, what job you would like to have, and what company you would like to work for. Writing down goals will help you realize what’s important to you in life and how you must allocate your time and money in order to succeed.
2. Internships, Internships, Internships
Not only do internships give you experience, but they also expand your network. Jeff McGuire of says, “In today’s competitive job market it’s not just what you know, it’s what you know and who you know that often makes the difference.” Having quality internships will help you get that dream job much faster.
3. Avoid Debt and Save Money
If you know you won’t be responsible with a credit card, don’t get one. Unfortunately, many college students already come out of college with a large amount of debt because of high tuition, living expenses, etc. Save money any way you can. Make coffee at home, eat out only when you’re celebrating special occasions, and if you can, get a part-time job. 
4. Calculate How Much You Owe for Student Loans
Like stated before, many students have student loans, but also aren’t quite sure how much it’s going to cost them to pay the money back. Figure it out now before you graduate so you know what type of expense you’re in for. 
And finally, the most important thing to remember as a student is, it’s never too early to start thinking about your future.

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