How to Get Through the Stress of Job Searching

Ways to motivate you to keep the job search going

Photo by Pixabay

By: Katelyn Alegria

As a soon-to-be college graduate, the pressure to find that perfect job is slowly creeping up. Some people find jobs quickly and accept offers shortly after their interviews, others struggle to find a job that fits their needs and skills, which is also okay. As I notice my colleagues and classmates begin to apply to positions and accept offers, the stress begins to creep up. Why is my search going differently?

“No matter how many people tell you not to take it personally, rejection stings every time and can take a major toll on your motivation to move forward with your job hunt.” –  5 Ways to Keep Going When the Job Search is Getting You Down

If you feel the stress slowly creep up too, trust me you are not alone and it is okay to feel this way. 

The Muse gives us all five ways to handle this stress and keep ourselves in high spirits while we search for jobs.

First, create a structure for your job search. Create set times each day specifically for job searching, don’t let it consume your entire day, but do not neglect the search also. If you are structured it allows you to keep ‘in control’ as The Muse says, it creates the feeling that you are in control of all the aspects of your life and can handle everything that is on your to-do list. 

Second, buy a planner and stay organized. The use of a planner helps you keep track of all your tasks for the week and allows you to track the progress on assignments or in this case how your job search progresses. Write down the steps you need to complete alongside the ones you have already completed. 

Third, don’t feel discouraged and give yourself breaks. When you cram a bunch of interviews all at once or in a really short amount of time, it is a set up for failure. As many often say, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint; pace yourself accordingly.” Don’t be afraid to take breaks, we need them especially when we begin to feel unmotivated; and don’t be afraid to pace yourself, simply because your colleagues or friends are pacing themselves at a different rate. This doesn’t mean their outcome will be faster or better than your own.

Fourth, get in tune with your emotions and get emotional support. Don’t make the mistake to bottle up your emotions, this only makes the stress worse. When you feel the stress getting worse, talk to a friend or a family member, talk it out with someone that can provide motivation and helpful tips. This helps you feel the love and care that surrounds you and minimizes the negativity that surrounds the stress. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to a friend or a family member, try to talk to a therapist. Point is talk about it!

Fifth and last, be aware and know what triggers your stress. Get in tune with yourself and figure out what triggers your stress and tackle it or try to avoid all the things that target that stress. Be sure to identify specific situations and instances where the stress begins. Discover tricks and tips that work best for you and allow you to combat your stress.

Finally, don’t get in your head. The process can seem tough and almost impossible, but the hunt for a job will end. Remember it is important to prioritize your well-being above all else.