How to prepare for your big interview

Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience. To ease those nerves make sure that you are prepared.

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By: Amy Sprague

You got the call; you have an interview. After many hours, days and even months of looking you got an interview. Now you need to make sure you are ready.

“Confidence is key” – Richard Harroch, Forbes

Preparing for an interview is an important step in the whole process. This makes sure that you can walk in and feel confident with yourself, but also the company. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you can impress.

Research the company:

Do some research on the company, this is great because you first want to make sure that the company is the right fit for you. If you are in the middle of the interview and realize that it is not what you want, then that can create a nerve-wracking experience. Look through the “about us” tab of the company to see a small sneak peek into what they do and what their values are. You can go one step further and check out their social media platforms to see their recent projects. Understand the product and the fundamentals of the company to show your future employer that you did your homework and that you are interested in them. 

Check the job requirements:

Check the qualifications and expectations of the job to help you prepare for questions that might be asked. If you have experience with Meltwater, thanks to Debra Johnson, you might want to be prepared for them to ask, “When was the last time you used Meltwater and how did it help you with your job?” These questions are meant to help them understand your skills set and see if you will fit into their company. If you have confident and well-articulated answers then this can help with the interview. To take that one step further, make sure to have your portfolio ready on a flash drive or printed out. This shows that you know how to do tasks like a social media audit and writing press releases, which can help with their decision to hire you.  

Dress to impress:

The saying “Dress to impress” fits perfectly with the mindset you need to help you nail that interview. To dress business professional means; wear a blazer and dress pants, close-toed nice shoes and styled hair. Show up for an interview looking your best can express that you take the company and the interview seriously. Also, when you dress up you feel at your best, so grab your power blazer and walk through those company doors with confidence. 

Confidence is key:

As mentioned many times before, confidence is key. Know what you can bring to the company and be able to communicate that well, this will help the interviewer understand you. Just make sure you don’t cross over from confident to cocky.

Now that you are prepared for your interview, show those companies what alumni from Chico State can achieve!

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