How to perfect your online design portfolio

Photo by  Unsplash

By Zoe Salido

In preparation for graduation, I felt that my online design portfolio was adequate in displaying my design aesthetic and range of skills. Through my courses leading to my present status as a graduating senior, I found that I lacked a strong portfolio. As a student, I learn through instruction, but also through my own mistakes. I have been taught that my portfolio itself is a design and must be functional in reflecting who I am as a designer.

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What to do when you can’t generate creativity?

If you find yourself sitting in front of a blank project. Stop what you’re doing, walk away and clear your mind.

Photo by  Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

By: Maria Ramirez

Do you ever find yourself sitting in front of a blank doc, canvas, editing timeline or any other piece of work that forces your brain to think creatively? Whether you’re a writer, artist, video creator or any other professional this has happened to you. You sit down and try to start but nothing comes to mind. I’ve been in that position too many times. It’s not a good feeling, especially if it’s something you’ve put off and a deadline is approaching. Okay, so you look at the clock and do the math. “This project is due at midnight, it’s 1:45 p.m. right now. If I start at 2 p.m. then I can be done by 4 p.m., but if I take a 30-minute break I’ll be done by 4:30 p.m.” I do this every time which causes me more stress, my mind begins to spiral and I can’t focus. The term for this feeling is creative/writer’s block. If you catch yourself in a knot like me, stop what you’re doing and take a step back.

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6 Ways to Conquer a Creative Block

illustration representing creative block in an individual

By: Lauren Meichtry

Coming up with new ideas can be harder than it looks! As an artist and graphic designer I understand how real the struggle can be. But you don’t have to be an artist to be affected by creative block. Idea generation has become a necessity for staying relevant in careers including public relations. To get back on track, use these six helpful tips for the days when you sit in front of a blank sheet of paper or an empty screen: 

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The World Is Your Canvas

Photo credit: Maxwell Perkins
Photo credit: Maxwell Perkins

Artwork can be considered to be one of the broadest categories in human culture. Anything and everything can be considered artistic. The idea of what creativity in art could be changes with the observer.

I’d like to entertain the notion that as people interact with one another, they leave an emotional and artistic imprint on the other person’s life. This occurs in the same way that a potter leaves an imprint upon clay.

Photo credit: Maxwell Perkins
Photo credit: Maxwell Perkins

If you recognize yourself as an artist in everything you do, then you begin to see art in more things. By consciously exercising your ability to create art with any medium you want, you find yourself more ready to tackle the situations of daily life.

Even if your artwork is limited to splattering ink on canvas, splatter away.

By expressing yourself creatively, you “unlock” the right side of the brain.

Instead of thinking about the assignment that is due next week as a burden, view it as a challenge with a creative solution.

Exercising your creative side with writing, drawing, painting, singing, dancing and everything else you can think of, can be extremely relaxing and can take the edge off of something that may be irking you.

By doing these things, you are giving the part of your brain that works through logic problems a break. It allows for time where you can focus on you.

Some people don’t like to use the word meditation, possibly for lack of understanding. Meditation is merely a time of contemplation and self-reflection. It is something that the human body needs every day.

Photo credit: Maxwell Perkins
Photo credit: Maxwell Perkins

It is important to try to set aside at least an hour a day to personal reflection. I do not mean sitting in front of a television either; the human mind needs intellectual stimulation to function properly.

People sometimes look at emotions as meaningless, but they are here to guide us, and when we can express ourselves in art, then we can better express ourselves to the outside world in every other way possible.

As you progress through life, look at the world around you not as someone else’s artifact that was left for you to look at. Imagine everything you experience as your canvas and paint the world your colors. Become your own best artwork.

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