You’re Invited

By Naubil Oropeza, Senior Account Executive
No, it’s not my birthday. You’ve been invited to Google+. 
The invitation to test Google+ during its launch has created buzz and
curiosity over the new network.The product itself could change the social media landscape creating a new platform for marketing and public relations pros. 
So what does this mean for us? As modern-day PR professionals in-training, it’s our job to explore new communication technologies. Google+ streamlines all the Google features many of us use. 

New tools offered on Google+ can help improve digital strategies already in place for our clients. The “Circles” feature allows for industry-specific forums with more control over these groups and how you communicate over the web. 
Google+ as the new “circle of trust?” With the most reliable search engine and endless features, Google+ is setting the stage for a Google world. 
The “+Sparks” feature also allows open communication encouraging users to join public forums and discuss specific topics — perhaps a new medium for focus groups and a new way to research marketing strategies. 
The mobility and accessibility makes Google+ desirable to both the new generation of tech users and the professional, making online sharing that much easier. 
But is this a direct alternative to Facebook? While Google+ is still in early stages of development, it’s difficult to tell. Are you on Google+?

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