4 Ways Public Relations is Used in Politics

Photo by Flickr.com

By: Alan Chavez

 The golden age of public relations is here. Technological breakthroughs have created endless opportunities and techniques which can be performed by its professionals. Every major industry is starting to take notice of the positive effects that public relations can bring. The political industry is one that is using every form of public relations to help benefit a politician’s public perception or image of the candidate. Here are four of the ways politicians are currently using public relations:

“Every major industry is starting to take notice of the positive effects that public relations can bring.”

1. Earned Media

There are earned media opportunities everywhere. These pitches to media agencies, news shows, talk shows and podcasts can make a politician seem human to the average voter. A politician who has a heavy stand on sustainability could end up in the New York Times sustainability section promoting his stance in the most non-political way possible. A politician can go on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show and talk about their life as a kid and read some mean tweets about themselves to connect with a different type of audience. Another option is pitching to be a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast that averages 200 millions views a month. These mediums can be used to earn the hearts of multiple audiences since it allows the public to experience a side of the politician that they don’t normally get to see.

2. Press Releases

Press releases allow for politicians to use the media to deliver their messages, events and updates without having to pay for sponsored content. Press releases benefit politicians seeking to get coverage and journalists who get to keep their audience informed. Press releases can also help during political campaigns as an alternative to constant campaign ads to keep the candidate in the voter’s minds.

3. Crisis Control

Politics can be messy and a crisis is going to happen no matter where you stand on the political spectrum. A politician will need a public relations team to control the situation when things go bad. They need the right messages to go out and stop the fire from spreading out of control. A politician’s public image is important to their career and this is why they use public relations to help maintain the best possible image they can. 

4. Social Media

Social Media has been the most important publicity tool the world has ever seen. It has increased the amount of crisis control needed as well as making a crisis harder to control since anything has the potential to go viral in a matter of minutes. The majority of politicians all have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account where they keep supporters updated about upcoming events , share ideas, connect with their following and gain traction. Another way social media is used in politics is through city and state governments that have their accounts to stay connected with the people they represent.

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