Using Thank You Instead of Sorry

By: Itzel Cruz

As college students and young adults heading into the workforce, it can be an adjustment learning how to maneuver throughout the professional world.  It is easy to make mistakes like showing up a bit late to a meeting or misunderstanding an assignment you have never done before. It can be common to be dishing out lots of “sorries” throughout your professional work experience, but making mistakes does not always have to have such a negative connotation around it.

Replacing a “sorry for being late” with a “thank you for your patience” can put a positive twist on a negative situation.

Showing those involved your gratitude for their time can help them have a positive image of you in their mind as well as feel appreciated for their contribution in whatever project you may be working on. People’s time and contribution is very valuable and letting them know that you respect their time and effort can be very important in maintaining that relationship and keeping that business relationship positive.

There are many situations in which you could replace sorry with thank you. Instead of “sorry for taking up all your time” you could say “thank you for spending time with me” or instead of “sorry for rambling” you can say “thank you for listening”.

In a business like public relations where you deal with many different groups of people on a daily basis your image, your client’s image and your employer’s image are so important. You want to stand out but also be professional in anything you do. Being accommodating and considerate of your coworkers and clients is essential to a healthy work environment. Maintaining a positive professional reputation is vital to your success and getting people to come back to you and your work.

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