10 Tips to Become a Better Photographer

By: Kendra Clark

Tip 1: Fill the Frame

Fill the Frame

 Don’t be afraid to fill the entire frame with your image. Filling the frame to its’ entirety can create a sense of closeness for the viewer and a better understanding of the focal point for your image.

Tip 2: Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

 Divide your image into three equal parts, this creates a harmony and equality between the subject and background of your image.

Tip 3: Lighting


 Try to think of the best times for photos and whether you will need to use a flash or change the settings to get better natural light. Sometimes the weather can determine this for you. 

Tip 4: Exposure Triangle

Exposure Triangle

 Shutter Speed – How fast the sensor for the lens opens and closes, works with the aperture, the shutter speed determines how long the lens will be exposed to the light.

ISO – Sensitivity to the light. This determines how the sensor responds to the light. High ISO is more sensitive than a low ISO.

Aperture – The measure of how open or closed the lens’ iris is. A wider aperture means more light, smaller means less. 

Tip 5: Create a Sense of Depth

Create a Sense of Depth

 Create a foreground and background, separate the subject and create a focal point. This trains the eye to follow where it will look first.

Tip 6: Framing


 Be aware of your background and surroundings. Use the subject as a starting point and take your time to get the shot you want.

Tip 7: Using a Tripod

Using a Tripod

The best way to avoid camera shake is by using a tripod. Especially for long exposure or when you are taking multiple shots. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Tip 8: Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple

 Using simple backgrounds creates less distraction. Don’t overthink a simple idea. The background is just as important as the subject.

Tip 9: Perspective


 What message are you trying to send with your image? Practice taking shots from different perspectives whether it’s up close and personal or a shot taken from a distance. Perspective tells a story.

Tip 10: Use Good Technique – Then Break the Rules

Use Good Technique - Then Break the Rules

Follow the rules and get a good understanding on the basics then break the rules. Find your style and don’t be afraid to be different.

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