How to get the right one to notice you

Keep your subject line short and sweet to catch and keep any reporter’s interest

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By: Sydney Oliva

Pitches can be a tricky thing to tackle. It can cloud the brain to try and figure out the right words to capture someone’s attention, but don’t overthink it. The key to success is simple: keep it short and sweet. Reporters are constantly bombarded with emails. If the subject line happens to catch their attention, the last thing they want to do is read a pitch that’s too wordy. You want to make them want more. Keep your pitch a few sentences long. Give them enough to be interested, then they’ll come to you looking for more. Here’s how to write and attention grabbing pitch.

Target the right reporter

After you’ve created your pitch, it’s important to do some research and figure out who you want to show your ideas to. Make sure the topic you have in mind is in the reporter’s realm of interest/coverage. For example, a sports reporter won’t be interested in anything having to do with fashion. Be sure to share content they’d want to cover. The bottom line here is to know your target reporters. If you push your pitch to everyone, you’ll waste everyone’s time, including your own. 

“Make it worth their while.”Enventys Partners

Show them love on social media 

If you want to target a specific person or reporter, give them the attention they deserve. Don’t be shy – comment on their socials and send some likes their way. When you comment, be sure to suggest content that could be useful to them. If they post a story, share it on your own social media. This will make them notice you more when you send them your pitches. 

Don’t forget about your #1 

As a public relations professional, your main job is to take care of your clients. The reason you contact reporters is so your clients get coverage. When writing your pitch, keep your clients’ best interests close to heart. Make the client look attractive and relate them to relevant news media or the reporter’s target readers. At the end of the day, reporters need content that their viewers will want to read. 

Don’t forget to call

The most important part of any pitch is the call to action. Be specific in what you ask for so you have a better chance of a response from a reporter. It’s best not to use fancy words when you write the call to action. Be forward and tell them what you want. Don’t sugar-coat it. 

There are many ways to approach a pitch, but it’s important to keep the little things in mind. Keep things short to benefit you in the long run. Reporters are human and they only have so much time during the day to read your specific pitch. Make it worth their while. Make your pitch style pristine and you’ll have every reporter interested in more.

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